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Смотреть видео онлайн VEGA Conflict NEW Auto-Fleet Tutorial: Tier 2 (27 Cargo). Длительность видео: 10 мин и 10 сек. Просмотров: 37 476. Добавил: Manni-Gaming. Видео добавлено: 17 марта 2016. Смотреть HD видео на Vega conflict auto fleets - Vega conflict auto fleets. Alc Jun 15th, 2015 (edited) 732 Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet?Action: Find Gladius Driver, or AP driver blueprint. Level 35 Auto Fleet: Level: 34 (110,530 XP) (req: Level 8 Fleet Bay). Slot 1: Ranc, Spectra V, Rota III, 1xTrit V, 1xTrit IV, 3xScatter II, Ship-XP: 21,793. VEGA Conflict 1.119644 APK Скачать

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The Fleet Bay is a building used for repairing and managing fleets. Its level determines the maximum mass of each of your fleets. At level VII and higher, the Fleet Bay can launch wings (i.e. squadrons for bases) to better defend your base. Read here for more information on squadrons for bases.

Rebels, our Vega Conflict artists work tirelessly to make Vega Conflict the beautiful game it is. In an effort to celebrate their talent, we wanted to share with you some of their latest and greatest creations, enjoy! TorinoGT's Discussions At Community Abyss When fleet bay is upgraded you can change slot 6 to hydra x 4 . Insta Gen rebel raiders 20-25. Genesis Cruiser (Not Mark II) Spec 4. rear thrust 1. trit 1 x 2. pulse ray 5 x 2. all 6 slots are the same . repair ships one at a time for instant repair Vega: Conflict v 1.63 for Android - Download APK free

yeah works good.. use the Rancor setup for auto 30s and 33s and a quick click and repaired.... if you get last spawn use the same set up for auto 35s as well but you will get like 3 or 4 minutes repair..... but as its last spawn doesnt bother me waiting a little to repair.... as next vega spawn you will have to wait like 10 minutes at least

A ship calculator for vega conflict from ... Save to Fleet Slot 1: Save to Fleet Slot 4: Save to Fleet Slot 2: Save to Fleet Slot 5: Save to Fleet Slot 3: Save to Fleet Slot 6: Save Build. Weapon; Armour; Shield; Special ; Weapon . Pulse Ray I. Pulse Ray II. Pulse Ray III. Pulse Ray IV.