Slot loaded microstrip patch antenna

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Design of Slot Loaded Stacked Wideband Microstrip Patch Antenna for Wireless Communications Deepak Shukla, Ram Singh Kushwaha, Archna Sharma, D.K.Srivastava Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, RITS Bhopal, INDIA Abstract: A simple, compact, slot loaded stacked wideband microstrip patch antenna is presented in this ...

A high-gain slot-loaded microstrip patch antenna fed by a… The main structure is a slot-loaded microstrip patch antenna fed by a half-width microstrip line. Two different types of antenna structure are combined together to make a single element antenna, and the radiation properties of both antennas are utilized in the proposed highly efficient antenna. DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF U-SLOT LOADED CIRCULAR... |… The paper proposes an effective design methodology for Circular Microstrip Patch Antenna loaded with U-slot.We have reported that on the insertion of a U-slot, the antenna resonates at two different frequencies and also presents marked improvement in the bandwidth.

Abstract— In this study, a 28-GHz U-slot rectangular microstrip patch antenna for 5G Applications is proposed. The U-slot antenna concept has been used in patch antenna designed to reduce antenna size.The U-slot patch antenna structure consists of a patch, U-shaped slot, a ground plane and coaxial feed lines.

Jaheen F, Al Noman Ovi A, Marjan A (2016) Slot Loaded Square Microstrip Patch Antenna for Dual Band Operation." Electrical and Electronic Engineering 6: 11-17. US9755314B2 - Loaded antenna - Google Patents The antenna feeding scheme can be taken to be any of the well-known schemes used in prior art patch antennas, for instance: a coaxial cable with the outer conductor connected to the ground plane and the inner conductor connected to the … Radioengineering - September 2018, Volume 27, Number 3 [DOI: 10

Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol. 58, 35{46, 2014 Analysis of Microstrip Line Feed Slot Loaded Patch Antenna Using Artiflcial Neural Network

Effects of Slot Loading on Microstrip Patch Antennas Keywords: Slot loaded | Microstrip antenna. ABSTRACT This study presents the theoretical and experimental investigation on the effect of rectangular slot on resonance frequency, return loss and band widths of a novel, single layer, single probe-fed rectangular microstrip patch antenna. Parallel slot loaded proximity coupled microstrip... Microstrip antennas are very promising due to their integration capability but lack in bandwidth. In many communication applications they need to operate in broadband as well as dual-band. An L-strip fed slot loaded antenna has been presented. The circular radiating patch using RT-Duroid with єr... Dual Band Semi Circular Disk Patch Antenna Loaded with L-Shaped Dual Band Semi Circular Disk Patch Antenna Loaded with L-Shaped Slot by cscpj

Lohokare [22] highlighted Microstrip Patch Antenna Loaded with Magnetoinductive Waveguide . Chen and Zhang [23] described Bandwidth enhancement of a microstrip-linefed printed wide-slot antenna with a fractal shaped slot. A novel monopole antenna with a self-similar slot for wideband applications [25] is designd by Song and Zhang.

[8] Khodaei GF & Nourinia JA, “practical miniaturized u-slot patch antenna with enhanced bandwidth”, Progress In Electromagnetics Research B, Vol.3[11] Krishna DD, Gopikrishna M, Aanandan CK, Mohanan P & Vasudevan K, “Compact dual band slot loaded circular microstrip antenna with a... diagonal slot-loaded rectangular microstrip patch